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Experience authentic Mayan cuisine while also learning customary pottery-making techniques. A trip from San Ignacio to the Maya village of San Antonio takes you to the San Antonio Women’s Cooperative where you can uncover the flavorful diet of the Maya and the techniques used to create their main dish (comprised of corn). Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about Mayan pottery and then enjoy a mouthwatering traditional local lunch. After lunch, we head back to San Ignacio to visit Ajaw Chocolate where we learn about the development of the world’s favorite comfort food. Discover how the ancient Maya became pioneers in the chocolate industry today.

San Antonio Women's Group

Located in western Belize, San Antonio Village locally known as “Osh Multun Kakab” is a community of 3,500 people most of which share Mayan roots. The village currently practices subsistence agriculture, most farmers in the area grow crops such as peanuts, corn, squash, and beans, much like their ancestors, and sell their products at the San Ignacio market or supply local restaurants. A local Women’s Group made up of nine Mayan women formed the San Antonio Women’s Co-op, to support and empower women and youths of San Antonio by preserving culture and traditional arts and crafts. The women started the cooperative to find a way to earn an income, learn new skills, and share their traditional knowledge not only with the younger generation but also with visitors looking to know more about the Mayan world. 

Ajaw Chocolate

When we hear chocolate today, we think about rectangular chocolate bars or even triangular or heart-shaped pieces. However, the origin of chocolate stems from seeds found in a green, yellow, orange, red, purple, or maroon ellipse-shaped fruit (Cacao) that had to be fermented, ground, and made into a paste for tea. Located in San Ignacio Town, Ajaw Chocolate takes visitors back to the time of the ancient Maya when chocolate was served only to the elite. Visitors can experience true  Mayan chocolate made using a traditional Mayan Stone. See how the seeds are ground into a paste and taste the rich chocolate drink with added spices just like the Elite of the ancient Maya consumed.

What to Expect

The Tour makes its departure at 8:00 am from the MayaWalk Tours office at # 19 Burns Ave, San Ignacio. We drive for approximately 25 minutes on a paved road through the Mayan Villages of Cristo Rey and San Antonio where we make our first stop of the day.  Arriving at San Antonio Village, you will learn all about the culture and their settlements. You will be scheduled for a presentation by the Women’s Coop and learn why the Maya are referred to as “People of the corn, corn being an important part of their diet. The presentation features an interactive demonstration of preparing a traditional Mayan meal, grinding corn with the equipment created and used by the ancient Maya. After the demonstration visitors then learn about the customary pottery-making techniques and how this population of modern-day Maya rediscovered the craft. This is also an interactive session, visitors have the opportunity to test their newfound skills and make a pot of their own before being served a mouthwatering traditional lunch. After lunch, you will take a 25-minute drive back into town to the Ajaw Chocolate. In a similar fashion, you will learn about the history of chocolate and have the opportunity to prepare an authentic chocolate drink once reserved for only the elite Maya.

Tour Duration: 5-6 hours

Departure Time: 8:00 am

Check In: 7:45 am