Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Birdwatching

Alkaen USD 170,00 $
  • Kesto: 7 Tunnit (noin)
  • Paikka: San Ignacio, Cayo District
  • Tuotekoodi: P6MDZY

This massive Ramsar site was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary many years ago due to the importance it holds for waders and shorebirds. The main lagoon is fed by a small creek which pumps in water during the rainy season and drains out water during the dry season. As water levels fluctuate, waders can become very abundant. We will take a slow boat ride to search for all our target species. Here we search for Black-collared Hawk, Jabiru, Sungrebe, and the huge Ringed Kingfisher. Along the more solitary creeks we will be looking for the ultra-elusive Agami Heron and the shy Boat-billed Herons. On the mud flats, sometimes Roseate Spoonbills gather in the hundreds and mingle with Purple Gallinule and Northern Jacanas. Snail Kites and Great Black-Hawks are also commonly found along the creeks. As we exit this site, we have chances of spotting Crane Hawk and Yellow-headed Parrots along the savannahs. This is also a good spot for Vermilion Flycatchers and Fork-tailed Flycatchers. Look above for soaring White-tailed Hawks and Wood Storks.