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  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
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Deep in the heart of the Maya Mountains of southern Belize is an
unspoiled wilderness, set aside for protection as the world’s first Jaguar
Preserve, known as the Cockscomb Basin. This vast roadless area is home to a
plethora of wildlife, including a variety of exotic plants and rare insects,
mammals, birds.  Here you can explore the jungle on a variety of hiking
trails, ranging from easy nature walks to the quintessential tropical jungle
challenge—climbing to the top of Belize’s highest mountain, Victoria Peak.


We offer hikes to hidden waterfalls, scenic overlooks of the
entire rainforest Basin and Victoria Peak, as well as lush jungle riverbanks
where you can see tapir and jaguar tracks, as well as possibly seeing howler
monkeys, which were reintroduced to the reserve and whose population is
increasing. We also offer a hike combined with leisurely river tubing on the
South Stann Creek River. 


Cockscomb Basin is a 2 hour
drive along the stunning Hummingbird Highway and the Southern Highway, which
pass through jungle hills, citrus orchards, and rangeland. We then pass through
the traditional Mayan village of Maya Center where you can see a Women’s Craft
Cooperative, herbal gardens, a traditional corn mill, women washing clothes by
hand on rocks in the creek, and a new cacao program with chocolate making


From Maya Center we head into the heart of the reserve on a rough
dirt road.

We stop at the ranger post and have an opportunity to see a small
museum with the history of the reserve, which was established by the renowned
researcher, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, (aka “The Indiana Jones of Wildlife
Protection”) who documented his time in the reserve in the early 1980s and his
jaguar research in the autobiographical book, Jaguar. An extensive trail system
branches out from the ranger station and we explore the reserve on foot with
refreshing river and waterfall swims waiting for us. Walk in the footsteps of
Dr. Rabinowitz and his Mayan assistants who were instrumental in protecting
this reserve for generations to come.


Here, we set up camp at the national park campground where and we
take a leisurely hike through the jungle to embark on our river tubing
excursion.  Float in the fresh cool
waters of the South Stann Creek and revel in the beauty of the rainforest
environment.  End the day with the jungle
cookout and share stories with other guests and the rangers. 


In the morning, after a hearty breakfast,  we set out on the South Stann Creek with kayak
as we go deep into untouched jungle in the direction of the Caribbean Sea.  We pass through a private banana plantation
and meet our transport at San Roman, a small Maya village, along the Southern
Highway.  This is an amazing and unforgettable
adventure in one of the last few wilderness areas in the world where jaguars
roam free.